Donation Tips

We need hundreds of donated items that we can auction at the event to ensure our fund raising success.  These items are provided by families, who either donate items (if they have the ability to do so) or by asking local businesses to donate auction items.  

What kinds of donations are we looking for?
We’re focused on items that will have broad appeal for kids and families.  Basically, any type of item you would want for yourself and/or family.  Items such as:
-Gift certificates for restaurantsmeal delivery and grocery/specialty stores,
-Discounts and/or free weeks of kids’ camps and classes
-Fitness classes, Spa/beauty treatments
Professional services such as tutoring, graphic design, home chefs/bakers, personal trainers, photographers and interior decorators, among others.
-Small and lightweight retail items that can be direct-shipped, such as bags, jewelry, perfume, basket of non perishable, food items, shoes and kids’ clothing (or gift cards for the same), are also good bets.

Charity begins at home: Are you a skilled professional such as a chef, personal trainer, interior designer, decorator, photographer, florist, personal assistant, etc.? Please consider donating your services. Not only will you help raise funds for PS 452, but also you might acquire a new client in the process. Maybe you have skill you could teach others? (Kids or even other grown ups). Can you cook? play tennis, Chess? build a website? Why not offer lessons?

Own your own business? Why not sponsor the event? We have multi level tiers that will enable you to promote your business to the PS452 community. If you are a provider of food or drinks, we would be thrilled to accept your sponsorship in-kind. It’s a great way to advertise your business while also receiving a tax deduction allowable by law. Click below for more information.

Tickets: Sports events, concerts, Broadway shows, special events, airplane miles, etc. all make great donations. Perhaps you or your employer /family member has tickets that can be donated? Do you have a subscription to tickets you can’t use? We’ll take them!

Vacation home: Do you (or a friend/family member) have a vacation home or time-share that you can donate for a week or weekend? This is a great way to raise money for the school.

Experiences: Some people have jobs that give them access to unique experiences like back stage tours or a chance to meet a celebrity or a person of influence? Such priceless opportunities are very attractive to folks who would not otherwise be able to have this access. Even if it not something big, consider if your company might donate merchandise that could be distributed in guest swag bags or otherwise sold at the auction.

Do consider that your place of employment is a great source for donations. Perhaps the company you work for might donate physical goods and merchandise, or other valuable opportunities such as an internship, a behind the scenes tour, tickets, or a meet and greet with a VIP. What may seem mundane to you might be extremely interesting to someone else. No donation is too small! Donations that may seem small can always be combined with other smaller items to make a substantial, much-desired package.

Other ideas: Hosting a special event (either virtual or if covid restrictions are eased, in-person) for a limited number of guests. Bidders will have an opportunity to sign up for a spot at a fixed price. For example, a wine tasting event for 10 guests @ $50 per guest would generate $500.

What if I don’t have any connections to tap?
That’s totally fine! (Keep reading….)

Do your kids attend classes or camps after school, on weekends or in the summer? 
Next time you’re there, ask the manager/director to donate a class or classes, a birthday party, or a week of summer camp.

Dining out?
Ask your server or the manager to donate a gift card when you’re paying the bill.

Shopping for shoes, clothes, home items or other necessities in the neighborhood? 
Leave the form at the register–most businesses are happy to support neighborhood institutions and families, even in these challenging times.

Aren’t so many local businesses struggling? I hate to ask them for anything.
We hear you. Are there favorite local businesses that you’d like to see thrive post-pandemic? It is still worth asking! The worst they can say is no, and the best thing that can happen is that they say yes!

You can remind them that the cost of donating a $50 or $100 gift card or item to our auction is probably much less than an advertising campaign that wouldn’t reach such a receptive and targeted audience.

Those all sound like great ideas, but I’ve never done this before. Where do I start? Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to easily and painlessly ask for donations.

I don’t feel I have the time to solicit donations in person, is there another way I can help? While face-to-face solicitation is often most effective, email works too. 

I can totally send e-mails! What do I need to get started?  Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to easily and painlessly ask for donations.

I really don’t want to solicit donations. Can’t I just buy a gift card and donate it?
In that case, we’d prefer that you donate directly to PS452, which is the simplest and easiest way to support our kids. However, if you have an unused and unexpired gift card or gift certificate from a local or national business at home, you’re welcome to donate it to the 2022 Auction!

I have another question that’s not answered here. Who can I contact?
Please reach out to the Auction team at ,