Thank you for helping to
secure auction donations!

The more items donated, the more money PS452 will earn. It may seem awkward at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll see that asking for donations for your child’s school is quite effortless.

Make several copies of the solicitation letter and donation form and carry these with you as you visit local businesses that you patronize–especially businesses where you are a regular customer!  

Remember ALL places that you frequent which could include restaurants, gyms, hair salons, nail salons, places where your child takes classes, as well as retail stores. 

* tip: fill in your name/email contact on the Donation Form under PS452 Family Contact BEFORE you leave with a business so that we can give you credit if the business returns the form electronically. 

While visiting the business, ask to speak to the owner/manager/other decision maker if at all possible. 

Feel free to mention any or all of the following talking points

  • that your child attends PS 452, a local PK-5 school and that more than four hundred local families have children enrolled at school;
  • that most of these families live in the area and frequently shop and eat in the neighborhood;
  • all donations will be recognized on the auction website so that families in our community  will be made aware that their business supports our children’s school. (if asked you can mention that additional recognition including more prominent website placement and spotlighting in event communications and materials will be provided for higher-level contributions);
  • that the funds raised from the auction will help provide many special programs that are not funded through state and federal funds. This year’s donations will help provide enrichment in the arts, assistant teachers, which is critical to catching students up after the pandemic-related disruption of 2020 and 2021, and well as dozens or other programs that improve the quality of education the school can provide our children;
  • that all donations are 100% tax deductible. The PTA of PS452 is a 501(c) 3 organization, which means that all charitable donations collected for the auction are tax-deductible to the extent permissible by law. (Our tax ID is on the solicitation letter.)


If a business says they need more time to consider the donation further, please leave a copy of the donation form and solicitation letter and say that you will follow up. (Please fill in the “Family Contact” line on the donation form before you leave the copy with the business.)

Please ask for an email address for the decision maker.  Then follow up by email right away (within a day or two so it is still fresh in their memory).  You can use this downloadable/editable message for the body of the email. (It can easily be copied/pasted into the body of your email.) 

Please attach a copy of the PDF solicitation letter, /or if you have the time, you can customize this letter specifically for the business contact. 

Also include this online donation form.  (You can simply copy and paste the URL from the form to drop it into your email).

Follow up again (by email or in person) in a few days if you do not receive a reply.



Congratulations! You got the donation!. What now? The fastest and safest way to submit the donation information to the auction committee is by filling out this electronic donation form for each donation you receive. The form is submitted to the committee immediately and is a much more secure way to ensure the important information about the donation (for which you worked so hard to obtain) does not get lost. It only takes a minute to type in the information into the electronic format. Alternatively, you can submit the form via Kid mail (purple folders) or drop off in the PTA mailbox in the main office at school.  If you have a tangible item that you need to drop off, please email to make arrangements for a secure delivery/pick-up. 

Securing donations is WORK and can be somewhat time consuming but please keep in mind that we are doing this for our children! Your efforts to help with the auction directly translate into more resources for all our children at PS 452!

And please, HAVE FUN!!!!

Please email if you have any questions or would prefer to have any solicitation materials (like a pdf of the solicitation letter)  emailed to you.